Get Great Website Rankings With Silo!

Website-Silo-Architecture-Know-more-about-building-a-themed-website-300x200-300x200Top rankings in a search engine are assigned to the website that has the best relevant content on the subject it is talking about. It should also match the query that the user has. Due to this, one of the primary goals in SEO is improving the website so that it has more keywords and it matches the theme of the website. Using silo technique for a web site will help in establishing a clear understanding of the website’s theme and this forms a basis for keywords rankings. It is the base on which the seo is done. This silo structure guide helps in understanding the concepts that go behind in making your website have the right keywords to get top ranking.

Silo refers to the grouping the website related information into various sections within a website. Similar to the various chapters within the same book, silo uses sections for segregating various parts of a website. By doing this, high priority SEO search engine keywords are more relevant and rest of the website also supports similar content. Most of the top ranked websites are based on the concept that it should be organized like a doctoral research submission. Some of the components of the website must include a title, abstract, a table of contents in the beginning of the document, references within the document etc.

Most of the times, great websites get hidden from the search engine results as they do not employ any search engine optimization techniques. Even if the seo techniques are employed, they have not used in such a way that it gathers enough attention from the search results. Using the silo technique makes it easier for identifying the website and improving the ranking of the website.

There are various steps involved in planning and implementing the silo process. The first step is to understand what the theme of your website is. Some of the points that have to be considered are the subject themes that gathers ranking for the website, whether the themes are relevant to each other, implementing subject themes on the website etc. Think about some of the physical directory structure that can be done for improving the website. Look out for each link and then link between pages that have similar content. Always use only quality content to be published on your website with specific keywords that help in improving the search results.

One of the important mission for Google is to organize the information that is available online and make it accessible. An algorithm is being employed by Google to measure the relevance in ranking. The ranking process is mostly based on the relevance of the website to the subject matter. Many characteristics of the website help in understanding the subject matter of the website and then coming up with relevant themes on the subject. To get top ranking, the content of the website must be organized so that the search engine is able to identify the page as an expert in the relevant subjects.

Silo can help in achieving better ranking for your website and improving the readability of the page.